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Unknown Errors during Analysis

I downloaded the Trial version of the Femat Software last week. I have created a drawing all the way up to adding the constraints and load, and then the mesh. When I run the analysis however I receive the following messages...
User Warning Message 4698 (DCMPD)
User Information Message 4109 (OUTPX2)
User Information Message 4114 (OUTPX2)
User Information Message 4114 (OUTPX2)
User Information Message 4114 (OUTPX2)
User Information Message 4114 (OUTPX2)
User Information Message - Singularities found using EIGENVALUE METHOD
System Information Message 6916 (DFMSYN)
User Information Message 4158 (DFMSA)
User Information Message 4110 (DFMSA)

These errors are not explaining anything to me. I've run through the examples and just don't see what's wrong. Any tips?

Re: Unknown Errors during Analysis

Compress your model in a ZIP file and upload to this forum to take a look to it, this is the best way to help you.
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Re: Unknown Errors during Analysis

LOL! You have the "USER FATAL MESSAGE 9137 (SEKRRS)." You should check to see you have removed all the rigid body modes when you have applied your constraints. By this I mean make sure your model is constrained from translating and rotating. This article seems to have some good info on this common problem.
Try running a simple linear statics (SOL101) to ensure your model is not suffering from common errors, Boundary conditions, undefined material properties, etc, then try running your analysis that involves extracting eigenvalues.