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error 9058

new user to FEMAP. created numerous models, meshed, applied load and constraint and saved the file as a *.modfem file. I keep getting 1 fatal error and 3 warning messages.
fatal error 9058-"solution for the residual structure and current subcase does not exist.."
Pls, can anyone help with what is wrong?

Re: error 9058

If you could send me one of your .modfem files, I can probably figure it out pretty quick -


Re: error 9058

Could you help me too?
Same **bleep**, Cant find a solution

Re: error 9058


For any reason you forgot to include any loading in the analysis. Please post here your FEMAP model and we can take a look to it.

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
Blog Femap-NX Nastran:

Re: error 9058



The file is too big to share here, but here is the Google Drive link of it:

Thank you in advance.


Best regards, Csaba

Re: error 9058

Dear Csaba,

Your FEMAP model is fully PLOT PLANAR based in 2-D triangular elements, this means that your FE mesh is not exported at all to the NX NASTRAN solver, then the error. You need to create a valid 3-D solid mesh.


The first step is to check the validity of the 3-D solid geometry using command GEOMETRY > SOLID > CLEANUP, the result is the following:

Solid Cleanup
1 Solid(s) Selected...
Beginning Cleanup of Solid 1...
  Removing Redundant Geometry...
    No Redundant Geometry Found.
  Cleaning Geometry...
    No Cleaning Performed on Geometry.
  Removing Small Features...
    1 Spike(s) Found.
    1 Small Edge Chain(s) Found.
    1 Sliver Face(s) Found.
    Small Feature Removal Complete.
  Optimizing Geometry...
    Geometry Optimization Complete.
  Saving Updated Geometry...
  Checking Geometry...
Inconsistency between Surfaces 58 and 97 near (461.3335, 3000.5, 120.4017).
Inconsistency between Surfaces 58 and 98 near (460.5051, 3001., 120.3574).
Inconsistency between Surfaces 58 and 99 near (462.4492, 3000., 120.4592).
    Failed Geometry Checking.
Cleanup of Solid 1 is Complete.

The best way to inspect your geometry is slicing the solid by two planes and hide components: here you are, this is not a massive solid part, but a box with THIN walls that you need to mesh with 2-D plate & shell CQUAD4 elements after smart creation of midsurfaces. Also you have SOLID portions to mesh with 3-D solid elements, then you need to MIX 3-D Solid & 2-D Shell elements, in thos case I suggest to use GLUE EDGE-TO-SURFACE to easily define the finite element model.


Well, you need to practice basic meshing tecniques, ask for training to learn how to ndo it, also take a look to my video where I explain how to solve a similar problem:


Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
Blog Femap-NX Nastran:

Re: error 9058

Dear Blas,


I'm totally beholden with your comprehensive answer. I wish I would ask earlier.


Aprenderé esta técnica siguiendo tu video.

Muchas gracias.


Un atento saludo,