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On the inputs for feOutputProcessEnvelope you have nCount, from_setID[0..nCount-1] and from_vectorID[0..nCount-1].  I'm confused by this as it seems unlikly that your number of output set IDs (from_setID) would match the number of vector IDs (from_vectorID).  If the sizes of from_SetID and from_vectorID do not match, then what value do you use for nCount?


Also in the remarks it says that different output vectors may be specified for each ouput set.  How? 



Accepted by topic author Runner
‎11-29-2016 09:13 AM

Re: feOutputProcessEnvelope


It's been a while since I used this function, but I think the mistake you're making is that you expect the macro to work like the nifty "OutputVector Selection" HMI works.

It doesn't: an output vector is completely identified by its output SET and then its ID, 2 pieces of information.

So when doing the enveloping, you're telling the API to do for example: max(OS1_OV3, OS1_OV4, OS3_OV3, OS8_OV4).

In that example your from_setID and from_vecID arrays would respectively be: [1,1,3,8] and [3,4,3,4].

So they have exactly the same number of items, and indeed various vectors can be called for one set.


Re: feOutputProcessEnvelope

Thanks AP! That cleared it up.