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material angle

I trying to use femodifymaterialangle() to assign material to all laminates in my model using API.

feModifyMaterialAngle( entitySET, method, vecDir, coordDir, coordCSys, angle )


i use method = 1 & vecDir to assign the directions.Do i just use 0 in coordDir, coordCsyc and angle. I tried both 0 & false. API runs without any error, but i dont see any material assigned.It is not clear from help


Thank you


Accepted by topic author Krish_matty
‎02-12-2016 08:45 AM

Re: material angle



I don't quite understand your post. This method is used to change the material angle, not the material itself. What you describes works, for example:


'element mat dir is initially X0 => set it to Y0
Dim vec(2) As Double
vec(1) = 1


'elset contains 2D els


This works fine, the material angle is updated.

But the elements already have an assigned material.


Are you trying to modify the material? This isn't done at element level, because elements aren't assigned materials: materials are for properties, which in turn are used by elements.

If this is what you're trying to do, have a look at feModifyPropMatlID (




Re: material angle

Thanks for your reply.


I'm updating material orientation and not material ID. To start with all the laminates use default orientation. I need to update them. I understand where i went wrong after looking at your code. I did not dim Vec(0..2).