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"HexMesh Solids": Trouble Meshing these pieces

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I am having trouble using "HexMesh Solids" the following pieces.  The top and bottom appear to be meshing the same.  I have tested that the mesh is same by using HexMesh from Elements with success.  The sides are surely mappable. 


I am betting the radius in the third image is the problem but I do not know how to handle it.  I have attacjed the step file in a zip since I cannot upload step.


Bottom ViewBottom ViewPiece 2 Top ViewPiece 2 Top ViewSide radii 'R'Side radii 'R'

You may wonder whay I do not "Sweep" and the answer is that I need to Hex this piece shown.


I split it into 2 pieces and I cannot Hex mesh either piece.  Piece 1 cannot be swept.



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‎12-16-2016 10:41 AM

Re: "HexMesh Solids": Trouble Meshing these pieces

Have you made sure to size your solid before meshing?  If you set the hex mesh size to the default / 2 you'll get a decent hex mesh without the need for any splitting. Size On Solid.pnghex.png

After you've set the size, mesh the part as usual with Mesh > Geometry > Hex Mesh Solids


Re: "HexMesh Solids": Trouble Meshing these pieces

Ryan - That's fantastic.  Thanks for taking the time to experiment.  Shame on me for not messing with the default size.  I did exactly what you did except that I left the defaults as is and it would not mesh.  Moreover, it spit out the error:


"Solid 8 can not be hex meshed. Either Meshes on lateral surfaces are not fully mapped or base and top surface meshes do not match."


This misled me into thinkink it was the geometry itself that could not be meshed.


Now how about this piece?  I tried a few progressively smaller mesh sizes with no luck (step file attached).  I think this one is more related to geometry.  Any clever ideas on how to split into hexable pieces?



Re: "HexMesh Solids": Trouble Meshing these pieces




And here is how I split: