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(student) Need help with adding load



I'm a student of the hague university,

And for a project I need to use Femap, therefore I have the 45 day trial.


My question is how I can add a load/force on a small area on a surface, so not the whole surface.

I hope that this information is enough for a solution.


Thank you in advance,




Accepted by topic author Chris2
‎02-21-2017 06:10 AM

Re: (student) Need help with adding load

Instead of typing out an entire description, I created this video, please let me know if it is what you need -



(view in My Videos)

Re: (student) Need help with adding load

Hi Chris,


you can apply just by selecting area - go to load -  then nodal - afterwards entity selection box will come, there you have to choose pick according to your suitability.


Re: (student) Need help with adding load

[ Edited ]

That's exactly what I meant!



however I did something wrong because after analyzing, it looks like the force is doing nothing.

The idea is to crack a concrete reinforced pile from the sides, the question is how much force is needed to crush it.

Re: (student) Need help with adding load

which analysis are you working on, static or dynamic

Re: (student) Need help with adding load

Static, it doesn't list dynamic,

When I choose Dynamic Solution I get the error Dynamic Solution options have not been defined. You must define Dynamic options in the Analysis Set and translate again. And I don't have the input for that.