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NXCAE13: Meshing Techniques Using NX 9.0 Features

by Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom on ‎11-11-2013 01:13 PM - edited

Meshing.jpgNX 9.0 meshing enhancements provide improved robustness, automation, and new techniques. Fillet and cylinder mesh controls result in mapped mesh patterns on those types of faces with specific user defined mesh parameters. Mesh control definitions and FEM templates enable repeatability and automation in meshing processes across similar classes of parts. Mesh morphing tools transform meshes to updated geometry without remeshing.  These enhancements are described in this presentation and the accompanying AVIs.




Fillet Mesh Controls and Solid Meshing


Mesh Control Definitions and FEM Templates for Solid Meshing


Mesh Controls Definitions Assignment for 2D Meshing


Mesh Controls Interaction with the Simulation Navigator


Morphing a Geometry Associative Tetrahedron Mesh


Associating and Transforming a Dead Mesh



Manual Morphing of a Solid Mesh



Axisymmetric Mesh Morphing Example