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2d/3d Rigid bodies

Are there any way to make a 3d or 2d model a rigid body without elastic proprieties?


For example, in a structural simulation were a 3d model is in contact with a 2d surface and I’m not interested in tension / displacement results for the surface, just the for the 3d model, so it would be interesting if that 2d surface were rigid.



Re: 2d/3d Rigid bodies

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In NX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear (SOL 601/701), a contact target region can be specified as "Rigid" to achieve the behavior you describe.


In other solution sequences, all grids on a target region could be constrained or coupled together via RBE2 to achieve a rigid surface.

Re: 2d/3d Rigid bodies

In case of a 3d model. Is it possible to define the model as rigid body?

Accepted by topic author Zoppellari
‎11-11-2016 10:47 AM

Re: 2d/3d Rigid bodies

You would need to shell mesh all of the surfaces of the body, then select all of those into the target region that you set to rigid.