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Applying Pressure in Fields


I was trying to apply in three loadcases 

1)At time = 0 pressure =0

2)At tme =1 Pressure =4MPa

3)At time =2 Pressure =0

I am trying to solve some Non Linearity Problem In NX Nastran

I get an error as shown in te image below.

I know that i could eleimate the 3rd Step.But thats not my problem

Please help me in resolving the problem.





Re: Applying Pressure in Fields

What solution are you trying to run?

Re: Applying Pressure in Fields

Hello Jim

A simple I Beam Subjected to  varying Pressure of 4 MPa and Fixed at one end. Solved in NL 106 MultiConstraint.


Re: Applying Pressure in Fields

Hi, dineshBabu

the load of solution type 106 can not vary with time.

when  define a load vary with time, you need use advanced nonlinear solution type 601,106.

Re: Applying Pressure in Fields

Hi Jony

Thanks for your reply,


I had solved it 101 and 601,106 .Both results are as follows.

The way i applied pressure in both cases are with respect to time as shown in the image below.So I would like to understand the results in a better way.

Yes i do agree 101 do not vary with respect to time.So it had taken time as constant and solved for results whereas 601,106 had to solve it "T=0 Sec"and then "T=1sec" and then once again unloading T= 0 Sec.


. How could i view those results at various T now. When i enable Von Mises how will i know at what "T" is the value for?

Please suggest? 



Pressure application with respect to timePressure application with respect to time











Re: Applying Pressure in Fields


I would be much happier to view the results at each time step.


Accepted by topic author DineshBabu
‎10-27-2016 01:15 AM

Re: Applying Pressure in Fields

Here's an example showing how to set up the same solution in SOL 101, 106 and 601. Note that time dependent boundary conditions can be used with sol 101 and 106, provided that you specify and appropriate evaluation time for each subcase.


SOL 101 results are obviously linear. SOL 106 and 601 show residual plastic strains in the final unloaded subcase/step.

Re: Applying Pressure in Fields

Thanks Jim

Splendid explanation.This is what i exactly want.