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Cable problem

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Hello Experts,
I want to know how to solve this cable problem using NX AdvSim 7.5 & NX NASTRAN, this task of cable problems are critical for some prospects, then I should like to know how to do it in NX7.5 using both NX NASTRAN basic nonlinear model (NLSTATIC SOL106) and also Advanced Nonlinear module (SOL601), thanks!.

In this example a suspended cable is subjected to uniform self-weight and concentrated loads.

The geometry, properties, loading, and theoretical results can be found in Section 4.6.2, Figure 4.16 and Table 4.1 of Tibert, 1999.

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Re: Cable problem


I've asked the same about a rope/chain. See here:

We also made some detailed experiments about the modeling of a rope in 101 and 106. If our student is finished with writing down I will post it.

Regards, Maik
NX 7.5.2, NX-Nastran 7.1

Re: Cable problem

Not any answer arrived??. The problem is simply posed, then I would love to be able to have a solution to this nonlinear problem, thanks in advanced!.

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