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Can I run NX nastran independently..

Hi,Im new to NX nastran. I have NX nastran installed with FEMAP. I was wondering if we can run NX nastran independently like MSC nastran just by submitting a dat/bdf file. I am more comforable with it than running with FEMAP. Please let me know.Thanks.


Re: Can I run NX nastran independently..

Yes, NX Nastran can be run independently. The only thing to look out for is your license type. You probably have a bundled license if it came with femap. In that case, you need to specify "prog=bundle" on the nastran command line.


The easiest thing to do is make a run from within femap, then examine the .log file to see the command line that femap used to launch the job. If you use the same input deck and same command line, the job should run.


Note that bundle and desktop licenses impose 2 primary restrictions (compared to an enterprise license):


  1. Bulk data cannot be edited after export (the pre processor writes a checksum to the input deck)
  2. The job must be run on the same machine as it was exported on (the checksum is tied to the machine)

Re: Can I run NX nastran independently..

Thanks for the quick reply Jim.