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Capabilities of NX NASTRAN in fatigue ?

Hi All


I am interested in doing low-cycle fatigue analysis and life prediction.

Is this analysis option in NX Nastran, please?

Are there another supporting component in NX suite can support fatigue analysis, please?




Re: Capabilities of NX NASTRAN in fatigue ?


Not at all, NX NASTRAN is a FEA solver, do not compute fatigue, you need either DURABILITY module under SIMCENTER 3D, or if you are "FEMAP with NX NASTRAN" bundle user you can take a look to winLIFE fatigue analysis module. Also you have LMS Virtual.Lab Durability.

Simcenter Durability is an add-on to Pre/Post that you can use to validate the structural integrity of your structural model over its entire life cycle under various simple or complex loading conditions.

winLIFE is a fatigue standalone software tool that is integrated also with FEMAP and takes advanced of stress results from NX NASTRAN solver, see

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: Capabilities of NX NASTRAN in fatigue ?

Read NX Nastran FE model and stress results (N load cases), define Time histories (for each load case), define material properties (Stress o strain). --> Calulate stress histories, make High cycle, Low cycle fatigue and crack propagation fatigue analysis

Re: Capabilities of NX NASTRAN in fatigue ?

Is there a trial version for this software or not. I could not find that in the website