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DMIG Matrix Inclusion in a DMAP

I have a coefficient matrix which I would like to include in a DMAP ALTER. The entries in it are associated with model degrees of freedom - but they do not represent mass, stiffness or damping - except as scalings to be applied.

The most natural construction seems to be via DMIG entries - but then how to get at the resulting matrix? It appears from what I can see in the Quick Reference Guide that I need to put in CASE control B2GG, B2PP, K2GG, K2PP. M2GG or M2PP calls which would seem to improperly associate this matrix. Is there any other way to call it up?

I thought too of using DMI and then the DMIIN module -but then I would lose the association with degrees of freedom.

Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated.

Tom Stevens

Re: DMIG Matrix Inclusion in a DMAP

I withdraw the question. It appears that the MTRXIN utility module is the ticket.