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Error: Nastran fails to perform data recovery run

Hi all,


I'm new here so help is much needed. I'm trying to perform finite element analysis of a flexible body that is made of semi-flex material by using 'Advanced Simulation' and animate it using 'Motion Simulation'. I tried to follow everything from the tutorials, but when I try to solve the solution in 'Motion Simulation', an error occured:


I don't know where I did wrong, so I hope someone can help me? What does this message mean?


Re: Error: Nastran fails to perform data recovery run

[ Edited ]

I run Windows XP 32-bit on a machine with following specs:
- CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E4400
- RAM: 2GB DDR2 667 Mhz
- Swap space enabled: 4000 MB

This is the info I found in the .log file:

Current resource limits:
 Physical memory:                     2046 MB
 Physical memory available:           1627 MB
 Paging file size:                    4095 MB
 Paging file size available:          4095 MB
 Virtual memory:                      2047 MB
 Virtual memory available:            2038 MB

So, 2gb of physical memory a+ an additional 4 gb of swap space seems to be not enough for the analysis of a model with 160000 tets. The number of degrees of freedom for the smaller model is 330000. For the initial model this must have been around 0.6 mln.