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Frequency Response Analysis



I am using NX for a long time now but today I stared using it for Frequency response analysis and Random Response analysis.


In have done these analysis in Hyperworks before. Where we use cards like FREQi, TABLED1 and RLOAD. But here in NX I am totally lost and confused. (I really don't know why it is so tough to access the cards here).


I tried with Response simulation... but stuck with a Java exception error. So good people here, can you guide me thorugh this?


Any sources to learn the frequency response analysis in NX? Can we use SOL111 - Modal Frequency response for this?




Re: Frequency Response Analysis



you Can go through this link


but for Input u should creat an function from the function manager there for random response analysis you can create freq Vs PSD


plz try it

Re: Frequency Response Analysis

Thanks Karthik. I used the video. I wanted to do Freq Vs Accelaration. Though the tutorial is not exactly that, it helped a lot. Thanks agian.

Re: Frequency Response Analysis

Hi Natarajan,


We recently did a frequency and random response webinar on our website:

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Re: Frequency Response Analysis

[ Edited ]

GTAC had put together a step-by-step document to setup SOL111 from within NX.  Honestly though, if you are familiar enough with NASTRAN cards, you can do this manually in a text editor very easily, there are only a few cards to add...


As for Response Simulation, there are tutorials within NX's help system showing how to use it.

Re: Frequency Response Analysis

can't find the step-by-step document to setup SOL111 mentioned. Any idea of the title?

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Re: Frequency Response Analysis

selex_ct wrote:

can't find the step-by-step document to setup SOL111 mentioned. Any idea of the title?

Yep, if you search for "SOL 111" in GTAC newsletters, you'll find the documents.  The latest is from November 2016, here's the link: SOL111 Doc