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GPU computing

Hi all,


I am looking to speed up the computational performance on my workstation for NX Nastran.

Since NX 10 has implemented the GPU computing function , I think this function will help me a lot. However I am not sure whether the function requires additional license.


Does anyone know about it?


Thank you


Re: GPU computing

No additional license is needed.

Re: GPU computing

I also want to know how much does it help on static linear simulation SOL101?

And does it make large different between AMD and Nvidia and Intel Phi?


Thank you very much

Re: GPU computing

See Chapter 9 in the NX Nastran 10 Release Notes for a complete description of the GPU capabilities:


In a nutshell:

  • The AMD and NVIDIA GPUs are supported in the sparse decomposition module (DCMP) and the frequency response module (FRRD1). They will speed up that portion of the solution. SOL 101 using the sparse solver will benefit in DCMP.


  • The Intel MIC provides lower level support in the math kernel libraries (MKL). Any module making a sufficiently large MKL call will benefit from that call being offloaded to the MIC.