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Global rotation of complex model


I am working with a large \ complex FEM of an aircraft and need to rotate the entire model by 90 degrees (switching from a Y aft to an X aft system due to limitations of another downstream software tool). Unfortunately, I just inherited this model and saw that just about everything is defined in the global CS (referencing an indentical user defined global system from the onset would make such a transformation much easier). This model has a number of local coordinate systems (100+), and better than 70,000 elements comprised of beams, solids, composite shells, CBUSH and CELAS elements... I am fairly new to FEMAP (8 weeks working with it), so I was hoping to crowdsource some tips and tricks for tackling such a problem. Thanks in advance for your support   


Re: Global rotation of complex model

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Use command MODIFY > ROTATE BY > ELEMENT > SELECT ALL and select the axis of rotation & amount of rotation. FEMAP will automatically rotate all nodes which are connected to those elements. 

The MODIFY > ROTATE BY > ELEMENT command, unlike the other commands in the menu, will also update the orienta­tion nodes, orientation vectors and offsets of any line elements that you select. This allows you to move those ele­ments as a rigid body, and retain their original characteristics.

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Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: Global rotation of complex model


Thank you Blas!

The method you suggested saves a lot of work that would have resulted from the use of other methods. There were a vast number of orientation vectors in my model, and this method translated them properly with the rotation. Thanks again for your time & useful advice !

All the best,