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Groups in GUI vanish after model update

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Hi together!Smiley Happy

I've created a group of my nodes which are used for a guyan reduction. Unfortunately, the group is empty after changing the underlying geometry and updating FEM.

More precise: I defined points in the CAD geometry which are set in combination with expressions. These expressions change and therefore the location of the points does change as well. I did this to achieve an association to the geometry and to make it automatable. Furthermore, i tagged these points.

Does somebody know a trick or workaround for that task?


I would be really thankful.






Re: Groups in GUI vanish after model update



The nodes are no longer present in the group because the mesh was updated. I'm assuming that the nodes were created by geometry meshing steps. Are the points in CAD used to create 1D Connections or mesh points? What is the relation between the nodes in the group, the points, and geometry in general?