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How to plot a spring characteristic



I simulated a flat spring with the linear solution 101. Now I want to plot the spring characteristic, force/way diagram. Anyone an idea how I get out the reactionforce over the major displacement of the spring?




Re: How to plot a spring characteristic

First you would need to run a solution that produces output at multiple steps. Linear statics outputs a single set of results for each subcase. If you are using NX for pre/post, then you can generate a force-displacement XY graph through its 2 function graph capabilities from the XY Function Navigator. You do this by creating force and displacement graphs separately, then using them together. So, if you have results over time, you would create a force-time graph, followed by a displacement-time graph. Then select both resulting AFU records in the XY function navigator and use the 2 function graph command create a force-displacement graph from the time dependent functions.





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Re: How to plot a spring characteristic

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thanks for your answer, which solution would you suggest to realize it? 

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‎06-14-2016 05:03 AM

Re: How to plot a spring characteristic

To produce a graph of reaction force or displacements, you need multiple steps/iterations that show the progression of the load. I took your linear static solution and essentially subdivided it into 4. For each subcase I defined an enforced displacement that was 25, 50, 75, and then 100% of the full displacement in your original model. This gives me 4 sets of results. I then defined results probes that were the weighted average displacement and reaction force for the face where the enforced displacement is defined. This gives me a single force and displacement result at each subcase. I then graphed those probes to get results across the subcases.


1. Displacement vs. subcase

2. Reaction force vs. subcase


To create the Displacement vs. Reaction Force graph, I needed to save those graphs to AFU files. I opened the AFU in the XY Function Navigator and used the Two Function graph command (select 2 records and MB3 Two Function) to produce the Displacement vs. Reaction Force graph.


If you expect nonlinear behavior, then you will have to set up something similar using one of the nonlinear solutions.




Re: How to plot a spring characteristic

thanks for your time, more than helpful.