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How to switch off thermal strain?

In a non linear plane stress analysis (sol 106, sol 601 or multiphysics), I want deflection only due to structural load. Thermal deflections and thermal stress should be neglected. How can I do this in NX 10?

Note: Material properties are temperature dependant and at different time steps temperature is different.

Accepted by topic author Syamjith
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: How to switch off thermal strain?

You cannot do this in SOL 106 or 601.


You can do this in SOL 401 by specifying THRMST=NO on NLCNTL

Re: How to switch off thermal strain?

I switched off thermal strain by 'Non-linear control parameters>edit>THRMST=NO' and I am getting results which is equal to actual result multiplied by E-3.

If I  solve for single time step by keeping initial temperature and load temperature same (to avoid thermal strain without switching off thermal strain calculation) I am getting correct results.

Why this happens?


Re: How to switch off thermal strain?

Any time results are off by exactly 1E3, a units issue would be the prime suspect. make sure forces are entered in mN or N as expected. Make sure displacements are being read as m or mm as appropriate.