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Impact Analysis with Femap & NX Nastran

Hi ,

I have been using Femap and NX Nastran for 3 years now for all my linear and non-linear structural simulations needs. Now, I would like to do a impact analysis but no idea how to do at all and i was wondering if anybody did this kind of analysis. I have been searching online for some startup tutorials but came with empty results. I didn't find any NX NAstran documentation on how to perform impact analysis.


I would  really appreciate if anyone can point to me a good tutorial to start with if we have any of those available. I know we have to use explicit sol 701 for these kind of time dependent problems but no idea how to use it. I know NX Nastran has the capability of performing these kind of analysis but it seems like no documentation on this avaialble yet.


I apprecite you time .


Thank you,



Re: Impact Analysis with Femap & NX Nastran

As a first start, it is probably worthwhile heading over to the Femap forum.

Yes, Femap with NX Nastran standard bundle includes Non-linear transient analysis, including impact - but the contact is via gap elements (or slidelines). Contact is easier modelled in non-linear analysis if you have the Advanced Nonlinear Add-on, as this allows general 3D large motion contact to be modelled (and more easily) using surfaces/regions. If the impact speed is fast and duration is small, then SOL701 (advanced non-linear) is best, but even the standard non-linear can make a good go at impact if the maximum plastic strain is reasonable and the impact rate is not too high - either way, expect long run times, as the time steps need to be very small.

Re: Impact Analysis with Femap & NX Nastran

Thank you very much for your reply EndZ. Appreciate your time.