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Importing .dat file in NX Space thermal solver

Hello Expert,
Can you please help me in sorting out following problem,
1)How should i import .dat or .bdf file in NX Space thermal solver, as there are option available are I-DEAS UNIVERSAL and other options which are not useful
2) I can import .dat file using MSC nastran solver, then i have chosen new simulation for that imported mesh file with NX Space thermal solver but...... i donot have option to define thermo optical properties to the imported it is structural mesh not thermal....

Please Reply as soon as possible
Thank you,

Re: Importing .dat file in NX Space thermal solver

Dear Dev,
1) Create a new empty *.prt
2) File > Import > Simulation and select the proper nastran solver, for instance nx nastran. The GUI will ask you to create the corresponding FEM & SIM files.
3) Change to FEM file and in the SIMULATION NAVIGATOR select EDIT: here is where you can select the NX SPACE THERMAL SOLVER and the ANALYSIS TYPE, OK?.

Best regards,

Re: Importing .dat file in NX Space thermal solver

Thanks a lot Mr. Blas, it's working...
Many Many Thanks.