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Interference fit simulation using NX Nastran SOL601/129



I'm working on a project where I am attempting to model pressing an interference fit gear onto a shaft. With the ultimate aim to determine the force applied to the gear to reach its final positon. - I know the velocity that the gear is pressed with.


I am using NX 10.0 with solver NX Nastran SOL601/129 Advanced Nonlinear Transient.





Currently, I have assembled the components to their initial position. 

- I have meshed the components individually using a 3D tetrahedral mesh, element size 2mm

- I have constrained the shaft in the position indicated above. 

- I have set the time intervals to Number of time steps = 300, time increment = 0.01, Skip factor for output = 5

- In the output requests, I have enabled Applied Load, Contact Result, Displacement and Force

- I have also changes some Strategy Parameters

- I have applied a transient excitation load set and selected enforced displacement. The displacement is linear so I have created an excitation table. 

- I have applied the static enforced load and set the relevant displacement.  


When I attempt to solve it, the following message appears: WARNING
Some output requests defined for solution "Solution 1" are specified with sorting option 
"Default" or "SORT2".
SORT2 results are not supported by Post Processing. These results may not be viewable if 
there are no accompanying SORT1 results in the results file.
It may also be possible to view the SORT2 results in the XY Function Navigator.


I am new to NX simulations so m not too sure where I am going wrong?


I would really appreciate any advice and guidance you can offer. 



Many thanks in advance 


Re: Interference fit simulation using NX Nastran SOL601/129

Nastran will store time or frequency dependent results in one of 2 ways:


SORT1: Results for all nodes or elements are written one subcase/step/time/frequency at a time

SORT2: Results for all subcase/step/time/frequency is written for each node or element


NX Post works off of SORT1 results for typical contour plot/deformed geometry displays. The function toolkit will plot XY graphs of SORT2 results.


NX Nastran write results in SORT1 format for static and modal solutions. For transient solutions (including 601,129), results are written in SORT2 format by default.


To get results in SORT1 format in transient solutions, edit the Structural Output Request modeling object in NX. For each output quantity, change the Sorting setting from Default to SORT1

Re: Interference fit simulation using NX Nastran SOL601/129

Many thanks Jim, the message is no longer present.


However results are not yet produced.


I have applied a 3D tetrahedral mesh to the two components with the same element size. I have applied a mesh mating condition (Free Coincident) between the shaft and the bore of the gear. I have then updated the mesh. 


When I solve the solution, the 'load step convergence' does converge. But then no results are displayed. 


When I check the analysis quality, the message displayed is 'error occured in results collection'


The windows displayed after solving are as below;



Thank you in advance. 

Re: Interference fit simulation using NX Nastran SOL601/129

Those screen shots don't provide any information to help debug this issue.


I would suggest that you contact GTAC at this point for in-depth torubleshooting

Re: Interference fit simulation using NX Nastran SOL601/129

Dear Jim,


I have taken some more screenshots (below) which contain some more information about the solution. Are these of any more use to debug the issue?


Thank you, I will explore the option of contacting GTAC.



I really appreciate your help.


Best wishes,


 Picture1.pngimage (3).pngimage (2).pngimage (1).pngimage.png

Re: Interference fit simulation using NX Nastran SOL601/129

The latest images show that the Adina solution seems to have completed successfully. The problem ocurred when the Adina temporary results files were being read back into Nastran to generate the final solution .op2 file.


GTAC would be the best avenue to resolve this.