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Modeling solid welds - material?

Hi guys,


I'm doing an axisymmetric analysis of a cylidrical structure of 304 stainless plates welded in couple of places. I'm modeling the welds explicitly, perfectly connected to the base material. I'm using SOL601 with material plasticity.


I'm having no problem with the simulation and I am generating results, but I'm lost on how to properly model the weld material and I hope you can help.


Seeing as I'm using PLASTIC material type, I need the Young's Modulus, Yield Strength and Poisson's Ratio to start off with. I'm happy with an elastic-perfectly plastic stress-strain curve, so those three parameters will do.I'm also not interested in modeling the HAZ.


Getting this for 304 stainless steel is easy, but what do I use for the weld material? The welds are all TIG, using ER308 filler rods. From online, I can only find Yield Strength (420MPa) and Elongation at fracture (41%), which doesn't help much.


Any advice?


TL;DR: I need yield strength, young's modulus and poisson's ratio for TIG weld filler material ER308.

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‎04-07-2017 04:19 AM

Re: Modeling solid welds - material?

Usually the weld material have to be stronger than the materials to be welded so in this way you can use the same properties of the material to be  welded. This is the solution I chose when I have to simulate a welded assembly.


Best Regards


Re: Modeling solid welds - material?

Thank you, I'll do that.