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NX NASTRAN Surface to Surface contact problem

[ Edited ]

Hello everyone. I am doing a problem where I have a cylinder and two plates.I need to find out the deformation of the cylinder.I have given the BC and also have given surface to surface contact to cylinder and the plates.


But when I run the simulation, the cylinder is penetrating the plates which should not happen.Smiley Frustrated




Can any one please help me out.I have attached the sim file for your reference.


Actually it should look something like this but for me its penetrating into the plates.



Waiting for your valuable replies.


Re: NX NASTRAN Surface to Surface contact problem

  1. Please avoid cross posting the same question in multiple forums.

  3. A .sim file by itself cannot be opened. The parent .fem must also be supplied

  5. It looks like the displacements in your post display are scaled. Deformed contact results typically only make sense if the deformation scale factor is 1.0 absolute.

Re: NX NASTRAN Surface to Surface contact problem

Sorry Sir for making same post.Next time I will see to that.I have attached my fem and part file.


Please do take a look.


Thank you for the reply.