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NX Nastran Help needed

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My name is Harsh Bhatt.I am new to nastran and I need to do below mentioned problem in the same.


My problem has two plates,one moving and one is fixed.There is a plastic cylinder betwwn the two and presuure is acting on both the sides of cylinder and also on the two plates.


When I am running the simulation I am not getting the exact result which I should get[Deformation of the cylinder]. My project detail [2D].




Here in 3D



Please help me.....Waiting for the valuable reply.


Re: NX Nastran Help needed

Anyone pls help me out

Re: NX Nastran Help needed

It seems your problem is in 2D, is there a reason you're modeling it in 3D?


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Re: NX Nastran Help needed

Thank you for the reply sir.


Actually I dont have any idea about 2d.....


It is a dry gas seal.