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NX stress wizard can’t find analysis results




We have a custom environment where we need to do some design simulation.

The NX stress wizard would be the perfect solution for our designers to do the first loop before the proper simulation.

The Info window writes “Nastran Deck Successfully Written “ but the stress wizard gives the error “No analysis results found”.


I tried to set some custom dirs. In the customer defaults but with no changes.

Does somebody know which variable need top be set properly in order for the stress wizard to work?

Attached are the NX and Nastran log files for reference.


Thanks for your help.




Re: NX stress wizard can’t find analysis results

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Siemens Phenom



Are you sure the NX Nastran solution completed successfully? The log files that were attached only show that the input deck was exported from NX. They do not show any potential problems in the solver.


Please attach the solution log files. The NX syslog shows that the input deck was exported as sim1-stress_solution.dat, so the solver log files should be named sim1-stress_solution.f06, sim1-stress_solution.f04 and sim1-stress_solution.log.