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No topology optimization results with applied moments.

Hello everybody

I am working on Siemens NX 8.5 and my focus is topology optimization of a component.


I was trying to add some moments acting on the model I am optimizing but I got some problems.

Actually with only force applied the simulation gives results which I can even analyse, while if I try to add a moment (I have to apply two of them) the simulation stops after the number of cycles it needs, but I am not able to open the results. It says that actually no results were obtained.


Is there anything in particular to do in order to run optimization simulations with moments?


Thank you


Re: No topology optimization results with applied moments.

Hi BaDiego,


you can use Moment Loads in Topology Optimization. There are no particularities to consider during the setup.

 - Did you check if your Solution runs correctly (without performing a topology Optimization)?

 - What was the Objective Function and Constraints you defined for the optimization problem?

 - In the control parameters of the optimization setup you could select to output all op2 Files. That can help during debugging.


My simple optimization with a moment load generated the following result:



Re: No topology optimization results with applied moments.

Hello Boris,


actually even though there are the same settings as some days ago, even the analysis withouth topology optimization doesn't work. I did not notice it since this time I started directly with the optimization procedure.


I will try then to solve this issue.