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Question about using TSTEPNL

Hello everybody. I am new here.


My question is how do I get NX Nastran to use the TSTEPNL modeling object/card in case control?


I am trying to perform a SOL601,129 solution and in the Solution Attributes --> Case Control --> Time Step Intervals - it doesn't let me select the nonlinear transient parameter (TSTEPNL) for that, so how do I make that happen?


Is the TSTEPNL card "required" for SOL601,129 or will the TSTEP card suffice?


Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.

Accepted by topic author alpha754293
‎05-14-2017 08:46 PM

Re: Question about using TSTEPNL

TSTEPNL is not supported in Advanced Nonlinear (SOLs 601,x or 701). See Remark 15 here:


And the description here ("TSTEPNL is intended for SOLs 129 and 159"):


Note that SOL 129 <> SOL 601,129

Re: Question about using TSTEPNL



That explains it then.


Thank you.