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Ramp for enforced displacement in SOL 601


I need to apply an enforced displacement to a model in order to model a rubber joint. I would like to calculate the force needed during the displacement process.

Given that I have contact and hyperelastic definition I use a SOL 601 model. The case is static, i just want the force curve over my displacement (uniaxial)


Does anybody knows how to obtain that? When I create a graph, my displacement is already at max at my first increment, instead of ramping up.


Thank in advance for your assistance


Re: Ramp for enforced displacement in SOL 601

You would need to make your displacement time dependent so that it will ramp up over multiple time steps.


This is done through DLOAD/RLOAD/TABLED bulk data entries. Time stepping is defined on TSTEP.

Re: Ramp for enforced displacement in SOL 601

Hello Jim and thank you for your answer,


I guess this mean i have to use the SOL 601,129. Do you have any idea how i can define it in NX?


Thanks in advance