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Recirculation in flow analysis using NX Thermal/Flow module

I need help in setting up recirculation loop boundary condition in the NX Thermal/Flow
module. If any one has worked on recirculation please share your experience with
me. This is for HVAC application.
Chetan Vasista.
Cranes Software Intl Ltd

Re: Recirculation in flow analysis using NX Thermal/Flow module


I recently tried using recirculation loop for HVAC, and my conclusion is that it's quite problematic.
A/C removes some heat from the air it circulates, and pumps colder air into the room. If you dont define a correct heat balance in the recirculation loop the room with either burn or freeze.

Also, a real HVAC system is thermostat dependant, and also you need to take into account the energy that is convected to the environment, as well as the energy from the sun ( in case of a container for instance).

All in all, recirculation loop for A/C is not ideal. I have an example which works, but it's designed for classroom and not real world.