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Remote displacement

Dear Community


I was looking for a way to enforce displacement onto the center of a cylindrical face connected with a spider (in Ansys that is a remote displacement)


Does anyone know how to achieve the same load condition in Nastran ?


Thanks in advance


Re: Remote displacement

connect the (new) node  at the center of a cylindrical face to to the face via an RBE3 !

Production: NX9.0.3.4, NX10.0.2.6
Development: VB.NET (amateur level !)

Re: Remote displacement

Thanks for the details.


Do you know how to select the centerpoint ("center of gravity") of the cylindrical face directly on creation of that face to point connector ?





Re: Remote displacement

Is there an easy way to create the center node of a cylindrical face?


Thanks for any suggestions!

Re: Remote displacement

I had this function in mind but not sure if there are any caveats with it:
Create Lumped Mass at Center of Gravity:

Re: Remote displacement

Hi Mascaritas,

In the Dialog where you generate the RBE Spider Element, you can directly select the origin of a curve or circle to position the node for the spider element. You will find a tutorial in the NX 11 documentation, that is showing how to generate the RBE elements:

However, in this tutorial you will connect the circular edge with the centerpoint. If you want to connect the cylindric face to the center point of the Cylinderface, you should do it as follows:
When you select the "1D Connection --> Point to Face" functionality, when defining the "Source" point, please select "Between two points" and select the top and bottom edge of your cylindric face.