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SOL 105 - Linear Buckling - Request more modes

Hi everybody.

I have a little doubt related to Linear Buckling. NX gives by default an output of the first 10 Buckling modes but i need to check some other modes. Is there any way to request more Buckling Modes?


I'm using NX 11.0. 


Accepted by topic author jppragana
‎01-08-2017 10:09 AM

Re: SOL 105 - Linear Buckling - Request more modes

Hi Jppragana,


To change the number of modes computed you need to edit the EIGRL card in the Nastran bulk data file.  If you reference the Nastran Quck reference guide you will see that field 5 of the EIGRL card is  called "ND" is the number of modes. You may also want to give a numerical range of eigenvalues on fields 3 and 4 which are V1 and V2, if you still aren't finding the modes you were looking for.


There is a table in the quick reference quide under EIGRL that gives all the different combinatiosn of V1, V2, and ND that could be used for a buckling or vibration eigenvalue extractions.


And if you are using FEMAP you can find all the NX Nastran Manuals under Help > NX Nastran





Re: SOL 105 - Linear Buckling - Request more modes

Hi Stressman,


Thanks for the quick replay. I tried what you said and it worked Smiley Happy

Thanks again for the help