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Tetra elements in sol701


I know it is only possible to use linear elements in sol701, how "dependeable" are linear tetra elements in highly non-linear explicit problems such as drop test crash test etc.?


Re: Tetra elements in sol701

In fact, Solution 701 only supports linear elements (4-node tetrahedron, 6-node wedge and 8-node brick elements). I strongly suggest to use HEX elements in crash/Drop test since the 4-node tetrahedron is a constant strain element, then many elements (fine meshes) must usually be used in analyses.
Also please note that Tetrahedral elements are spatially isotropic with respect to integration point locations and interpolation functions. In SOL701 for the 4-node tetrahedral element, 1-point Gauss integration is used (for the 10-node tetrahedral element, 17-point Gauss integration is used in SOL601). The 8-node brick element uses 2×2×2 Gauss integration for the calculation of element matrices (the 20-node and 27-node elements use 3×3×3 Gauss integration).
Best regards,

Re: Tetra elements in sol701

Thanks Blas.
Regarding fine mesh and runing time.
I am using the "mass scale factor" and "min T step for mass scale" and "min T scale to remove" in order to get reasonable calculation time (hours instead of weeks...).
But I dont really have a good starting point of how much I can have mass scaling (is 2 OK, maybe 5...? what exactly this factor does?) and which time time step I can remove (if the automatic calculation calculates min time scale to be 1E-12, is it OK to manually set a time scale of 1E-9?).

Any tips on this issue will be greatly appreciated.