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User warning message 4690 (SCTFCFL)

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I am running a linear contact analysis in Femap.

Contact region 1: Top face of plate elements
Contact region 2: Bottom face of solid elements.
Contact type: Friction
Solid elements are modelled over plate elements with a very small gap and the the search distance more than this gap.


And i get the following user warning message :
User warning message 4690 (SCTFCFL)
Solid element 24797  with face containing grids 22405 22404 22242 is defined twice in the same region in the BSURFS data.
I found out the the elements and the nodes are associated with the solid elements, and i get the warning message for almost all the solid elements.

Can someone kindly tell me what this warning message is about and how I should proceed?

Thanks in advance.


Re: User warning message 4690 (SCTFCFL)

vsr2588 wrote:

Contact region 2: Bottom face of solid elements.


Well, the warning message written in the *.F06 file tell you that you have repeated element faces inserted in the region definition. Edit the region and click in the element list, you will see in the screen the element selected, check that any is repeated.


What takes my attention is you say "Bottom face of solid elements", well, if you salect a face of a solid elements this is always by default the positive side, normal is outward.


Better plot a picture of your model, or share your FEMAP model to take a look to it.

Best rergards,


Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: User warning message 4690 (SCTFCFL)


Thanks for your quick response.

Yes, as you said i had repeated element faces inserted in the region definition, I corrected them and is now resolved.


And by "bottom faces of the solid elements", i meant to say that in my model, i have the solid elements modelled over the plate elements, so the bottom side of these solid elements have been chosen as the contact region.

Thanks once again.