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Using Face Contacts and Face Gluing after another

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I am doing an Advanced Nonlinear Simulation (601,106). I simulate the behavior of a honey-comb-like core when the face sheets come from both sides with some pressure. The contacts work fine and the reaction forces on the face sheets can be evaluated. Now I would like to have gluing in the areas of contact, so I can go on and give some load on the sandwich structure.




As the solution 601,106 doesn’t use (or doesn’t allow) subcases, I have to control everything with the time steps. Turning on and off the contact elements (TBIRTH and TDEATH) works fine. Actually before I come up with the face sheets, I have a step which simulates the expansion of the honey comb. Now I noticed that the gluing contacts cannot be turned on and off like contacts.


  1. Has anyone experience or an idea how I can turn on gluing later in the simulation?
  2. Is it possible to use the deformed model to set up another simulation? Can the “Restart Function” be used for that?

Thanks for ideas!



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Using Face Contacts and Face Gluing after another

You can use tied contact (TIED=1 on BCTPARA) rather than glue and use TBIRTH/TDEATH to control these.

Re: Using Face Contacts and Face Gluing after another

Hello JimB,


thank you for the hint. I just copy the face contacts that I need. The originals just do regular contact, for example from 0 to 50s. Then I take the copy with the TIED option and have it turned on from 50s to 100s. That all works fine. Thanx!


Now I have a new question. How can I turn on an off "User defined Constraints". In some cases I might be able to use "Enforced Displacement Constraints" as workaround by defining specific fields, but thats is not very handy and not working in all the cases. In my case: after expanding the honeycomb and assembling the sandwich I want to bend it with a new load.


Thank You!


Re: Using Face Contacts and Face Gluing after another

You cannot change constraints in the course of an analysis. However, you can copy the node that you want to constrain, create a rigid element between the original node and the copied node, then apply the constraint to the copied node. You can then use element birth/death to retain or remove the rigid link. Removing the link effectively removes the constraint from the structure.