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Which types of simulation is needed on these needs?

Hi guys,

I need to find out which packages of NX we need in order to solve these issues:

1) The break point of the product under -30deg Celsius and +50 deg Celsius with the maximum loading.
2) 5 kg of a steel ball being dropped on the product and seeing the breaking points
3) Drop test of the product being dropped from a certain height with a load inside the product.

Their products are big waste containers as we have on our streets.

I was thinking of NX Advanced Simulation + Advanced Durability + Advanced Thermal.

Re: Which types of simulation is needed on these needs?


Regarding the drop test requirement the following NX nastran forum webinar might be interesting for you:

Section 1 Customer Presentation: Siemens Linear Systems

Title: "NX NASTRAN Interface for External Force Fields" The subject of this presentation is a new approach for coupling an external force field as a load to an NX NASTRAN structural model.
The external force field can be the result of specialized simulation of various phenomena outside of NX NASTRAN, for example electromagnetism, hydrodynamic and hydrostatic or computational fluid dynamics. In this presentation the new functionality is demonstrated by analyzing a structural component of a linear direct drive. A surface load from an electromagnetic simulation using MAXWELL is integrated to a linear static NX NASTRAN solution. Results of the external electromagnetic field loads are presented.

Section 2 Development Presentation
Title:“Drop Simulation with NX Nastran" Hand-held electronic equipment is likely to be dropped one or more times during its life. Customers of these devices have an expectation that the equipment should still be operational after such an event. Therefore analysts rely on drop simulations to help design-in survivability. This presentation shows how NX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear software can be used for a drop simulation. Recommendations are provided and an example is given.

Section 3 GTAC Top Issues
Resolving Unbalanced Loads When the OLOAD Resultants and the SPC Resultants don’t balance in the f06 file, what debugging tools are available to find the source of the imbalance?

Please join it this Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 1pm Eastern time

Toll free number: 800-857-6143
Intl # : 1-210-839-8514
Passcode: CAE

Participant Link:

Best wishes,

Alex Muehlbauer
European Customer Support – GTAC EMEA

Re: Which types of simulation is needed on these needs?

About 1:
Is Maxwell another software? I'm not familiar with CAE environment at the moment.
Can NX Advanced simulation handle this issue?

2: I understand that NX advanced simulation with a Nastran advanced non linear solver can handle this issue.

3: I guess drop test with a load inside is not possible at the moment. Am i right?

What i need is a clearer answer(because i'm not familiar with CAE environment) like "You should buy this, this and this in order to solve it" and if there's a problem about a topic i asked "you can not do this because of this"

I really appreciate your help so far.