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big difference between element and element-nodal results.

i am making a linear static structural analysis and i am not glad with the results that i got.


i got a ratio of 1.52, between the results of element, element-nodal, ( maximum stress von-mises)


Even if i edit both results for the same scale, the stress distribution between the two reults keep pretty different. 


i am using a pretty good mesh density i do not know what i should do.


Any sugestion.


Thanks a lot.



Re: big difference between element and element-nodal results.



the stress values at nodes are never uniquly defined. The only location where the "true" stresses are calculated are the integration points. Any stress or strain value at nodes are a result of a postprocessing, and there are many ways to do that. However, if the gradients of stresses are not large, the difference between the "nodal stresses" and the "element stresses" should not be huge. This difference is actually used as an error estimator to check if the mesh is fine enough. I would need to see a plot in order to make further comments. Feel free to share!


Best regards.


Martin Kuessner

NX CAE Business Development

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