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centrifugal / Rotational moment in NX Thermal / Flow


Is there any way to give rotational / Centrifugal moment in Nx Thermal / Flow environment. As I am currently performing a simulation on Disk brake system. Here after giving all the thermal constrains, the heat is generated at the point where Disk pads are located. My criteria is to rotate the Disk, so that I can view the heat dissipation / distribution area.


Is there any work around for this Sort of problem. or can we give special constraints for this.





Re: centrifugal / Rotational moment in NX Thermal / Flow

You can do this in a thermal analysis only. You need to run a coupled thermal-structural analysis.


If you are generating heat loads in the thermal solver, you can use Simcenter Multiphysics to do this. It couples NX Thermal with NX Nastran SOL 401. The thermal solution would be set up very similar to what you have now. The rotation of the disk would be defined in the structural solution.


If you want the heat loads to be generated by the solver due to frictional heating, you must use the TMC (Thermo-Mechanical Coupling) capability in NX Nastran solution 601,159.

Re: centrifugal / Rotational moment in NX Thermal / Flow

Hi Jim,

Thank you for guiding me in this regard.


I tried in Nx Multiphysics, Unfortunately I was getting the same result.

I saw a Demo on youtube, for the same analysis he has used Nx Thermal / Flow with some special boundary condition in Solution > Edit > Solution Details tab > Advanced Group > Generic Entities.


Link -


Please guide me in this regard Or is there any other workaround to solve the problem.