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error in SOL 103



i am getting the error during solving of eigen value problem in Nx 9 of 2 lack nodes.

i have attached the error in the text file plz clarify this.





Re: error in SOL 103

Can you send us the f04, f06 and the log file?  If possible, can you also send us the input file that is causing this issue?



Re: error in SOL 103

You can try:

  1. Running with SYSTEM(206)=8 or 9
    • Add NASTRAN SYSTEM(206)=8 (or 9) to the FMS section of the bulk data file
    • Specify sys(206)=8 (or 9) on the command line
  2. Using ILP-64 executable. These are the executables in the bin directory that contain an L suffix: nastran64L.exe for command line/batch execution or nastran64Lw.exe to have a gui for file selection.

Re: error in SOL 103

when i export this file to FEMAP the file is solving with out any problem. but in nx9 it is giving the error. if it is a broblem in the data this will not happen.

Re: error in SOL 103

Sir i have changed the executable in solver parameters to nastran64L.exe and run. the analysis has been solved but there is any way to set this change permanent or this will be changing with the requirement(i.e depends on dof and problem)
Accepted by topic author karthik
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: error in SOL 103

There are a couple of ways to do this:


1) Set via environment variable:


set UGII_NX_NASTRAN=C:\apps\NXNastran\bin\nastran64l.exe



2) Set via Customer Defaults: