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scaling mass matrix of external superelement

This question was origianlly posted in the Femap forum, just expanding the audience a little in hopes someone has found a way to do this.



Is it possible to factor the mass matrix of an external super-element (i.e. stored on an op4 file) without reducing the model again?


If using super-elements on DMIG cards you can factor the M2GG card eg M2GG=1.25*MAAX, but how does one factor a super-element stored in an op4 file?




Re: scaling mass matrix of external superelement

You would have to use DMAP to scale the mass matrix from OP4.


Alternatively you can convert the OP4 to DMIG by running the external SE as the only component and using EXTSEOUT asking for the output in DMIG format. You can then scale the mass matrix as mentioned.