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vibration analyses on assembly with non lienar contact

Hello everyone,
I'm new with NX Nastran and I need to figure out which Nastran solution should be used to simulate forced vibration on a structure that include non linear contact.
My boss asked me to analyze the potential solutions in odder to purchase the needed license. so far I think the only choice is the 701 dynamic explicit solution, any other suggestion on how to simulate this problem?
thank you very much.


Re: vibration analyses on assembly with non lienar contact



your conclusion about SOL701 is correct. Here my thoughts:

  • "Forced vibration" means that a dynamic analysis is required.
  • "Nonlinear contact" however excludes a modal analysis since there is no possibility to include nonlinearity like the opening and closing of contact in a frequency analysis.
  • There is nonlinear dynamic analysis in SOL601 and SOL701, but a vibration requires very small time steps. While a solution is theoretically possible with SOL601, the solution time with large amount of time steps and repeated contact changes would make a solution inefficient form the CPU point of view. Therefore, you rightfully picked SOL701 as the best NX Nastran solution.

SOL701 has an explicit time integration scheme using very small time steps by default. This makes it suitable for high speed effects. Nonlinearity like contact does not add complexity to the simulation since we do not work with iterations when solving the problem.


Martin (Siemens PLM employee)

Global CAE Portfolio Development

Re: vibration analyses on assembly with non lienar contact

Thank you verry much , this was really helpfull. The only problem now is that i can't find any reference or guide on how to set the explicit model, should you know any refferences or tutorials please let me now.
best regards.