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1D connection not using nodes

Hi everybody!


I am trying to make an CAE automation of a 1D model. The automation consists in making the FEA with each material to the same model.

I record a journal making the FEA and i make a loop through it applying the materials.


During the FEA i need to use the tool "1D connection" which i use to connect different nodes from diferent sketches and meshes. The problem is that the nodes id changes from one FEA to another and then the automation gives me error. How can I use the "1D connection" tool without selecting the nodes?

The Mesh points do not change their id because they take the coordinates but I am not able to do 1D connection with them.


Thank you in advance!


Cheers Smiley Happy Bernardo


Re: 1D connection not using nodes

Assuming you know the mesh points, use CAE.SmartSelectionManager.CreateRelatedNodeMethod() to get the nodes related to those mesh points, then feed those nodes to the Connection Builder

Re: 1D connection not using nodes

Thanks for your answer JimB.


How do I do that manually in NX 9?


It is possible to do it without creating mesh points?


Cheers, Bernardo

Re: 1D connection not using nodes

Are you creating a new FEM and mesh for every change of material? I'm wondering what is causing node IDs and remeshing to take place. If All you really need to do is change materials from one iteration to the next, then that can be done by moving existing meshes to different mesh collectors. The node and element IDs won't change. Your loop through the materials doesn't have to start from scratch all of the time.


I hope I read this correctly.