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Advanced thermal simulation nx (furnace)

Hi Guys

I´m a nx begginer who is struggling to simulate a small furnace, with both radiation and convection)

Every time i try to get a result from a coupled thermal/flow simulation, i get the following error "Error in rcopy2 routine" after some time of simulation (around 10 sec of analysis with a time step of 0.5)

My project: small box containing air. At time 0, the furnace´s walls are at 1093 C and a small steel block inside is at 25 C. Forgot to mention, the air is also at 25 C.

Boundary conditions: radiation, initial temperature, temperature and fluid domain

Already tried smaller step sizes (from 0.01 to 0.2) but still get the same error

Thanks in advance

ps: the  final part of log from my last run

Number of Thermal Solver Iterations = 4
Number of Flow Solver Iterations = 100
Heat Convected to the Fluid = 1.35581E+09 ( 1.35963E+09)
Heat Convected from the Fluid = -8.69753E+08 (-8.68511E+08)
Convective Heat Residual = 2.80715E-03
Maximum Solid Temperature Change = 5.32786E-02

** FATAL ** Error in rcopy2 routine

Run aborted due to fatal errors.

| END |

Solution elapsed time: 02 hr 43 min 22 sec




Re: Advanced thermal simulation nx (furnace)



Are you using a recent patch of the thermal/flow solver? The patch version can be found at the beginning of the log file.


Please ty running your model with the most recent patch. The latest patch can be downloaded from the GTAC website.

Re: Advanced thermal simulation nx (furnace)

I´m not sure if i got the most recent patch. Our technician installed nx 10 on my pc (this is the version we currently have in our university)

What i found on the log

MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies Ltd.

TMG Thermal/Flow 10.0.112 Nov 05 2014

Not the latest one, right?

Accepted by topic author carlosmeo
‎02-03-2017 01:04 PM

Re: Advanced thermal simulation nx (furnace)

That is indeed an old patch. The latest one is 10.0.310.



Re: Advanced thermal simulation nx (furnace)

[ Edited ]

As i imagined

I´ll contact our licence manager and ask him to get the updates

If it works, i´ll post here

Thanks a lot Zouya_Z

Accepted by topic author carlosmeo
‎02-03-2017 01:03 PM

Re: Advanced thermal simulation nx (furnace)

Updated my Nx from 10.0.1 to 10.0.3 and it solved the "fatal error on rcopy2 routine"

Important to mention that the overall efficiency is incredible after the update. Before, simulating 300 seconds took around 4h. Today with the same mesh and boundary counditions, 1200 sec took less than 2h

Re: Advanced thermal simulation nx (furnace)

Glad to hear it. Thanks for the feedback!