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Axial Stress CROD



how can i display the axial stress of crod-elements in the NX10 postporcessing-navigator?

Here the output of the f06-File:

                                     S T R E S S E S   I N   R O D   E L E M E N T S      ( C R O D )
         ID.        STRESS       MARGIN        STRESS      MARGIN         ID.        STRESS       MARGIN        STRESS      MARGIN
             1    1.767767E+05              0.0                               2   -1.767767E+05              0.0           
             3   -1.093968E+04              0.0                               4   -1.224752E+05              0.0           
             5   -1.523611E+05              0.0                               6    9.258936E+04              0.0           
             7    2.340108E+05              0.0           


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Re: Axial Stress CROD

Set the post processing display to "Stress - Element-Nodal", select the "XX" component and set the Coordinate System to "Native".


This will display the results as they are stored in the .op2, which for CROD (and beam/bars) is the elemental coordinate system where XX is axial.




Re: Axial Stress CROD

Hello Jim,


thnk you for the answer, but i can't set "native". See the picture below.





Re: Axial Stress CROD

Can you share the parts, input deck or .op2 file?

Re: Axial Stress CROD

Here the files.

Re: Axial Stress CROD

This looks like a bug. Please submit a report to GTAC.

Re: Axial Stress CROD

Thank you.


I work at a university and we do not have the right to create a report at GTAC.

Re: Axial Stress CROD

[ Edited ]

It looks that this is a problem not only in your case.


For curiosity I did a test model and it does not work for me either.




There is a simple way around to display those stress, but only if the rods have the same corss section areas.


You have to do the post-processing reduction, where in (----) you have to put the cross section area value of your rod specified in expression. This will give you the axial stress in native coordinate system. 


But another question appears, how to automate it? Is this possible to put in (---) place the function that will return there each element cross section area. I was asking about that few times, but never get exact answer.


Is anywhere the list of functions that can be used for defining formulas in NX with some short description?

It would be a great help. 





Re: Axial Stress CROD



the problem has been solved in NX