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Basic Information about NX CAE

I have experience with NX CAD for 3 years but I'm new in NX CAE. I want to know how companies like Siemens, General electrics or general motors use NX CAE. Is this software enough to simulate their complex products or they have to use other softwares?

Sina shojaee
Accepted by topic author sina
‎09-28-2015 03:57 PM

Re: Basic Information about NX CAE

Hello Sina,


The answer to your question is yes, customers similar to the ones you list including other divisions of Siemens do use NX CAE for their simulation needs.


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Re: Basic Information about NX CAE

Thank you for the information

Could you please give an exaple of how they use NX for simulation. what types of simulation do they do? Does NX CAE cover all their needs?

I know one of the advantages of simulating in NX is associativity between models and simulation files. But what is the difference between simulation in NX and simulation in softwares like ANSYS or ABAQUS?

Sina shojaee

Re: Basic Information about NX CAE

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To my knowledge, basically Simens employees have to use the NX CAE software because of this software is developed by the Siemens PLM Sofware company which belongs to Siemens AG. Thus there are two evident advantages: the beneficial licence costs on one hand and on the other hand the unified work flow in the framework of the Team Center as database and NX CAD/CAE/CAM development environment which is integrated in this database.


NX CAE (NX 8.5) offers the number of features to carry out sophisticated simulations such as multibody dynamics, linear/nonlinear structural analysis, coupled thermal/flow analyis. On other hand, Simens core simulations, I mean electro-magnetic simulation features needed for the development of electric motors, are not yet integrated into NX CAE. Therefore, some other software packages. e.g. ANSYS Maxwell are also used at Siemens.


Existing limitations, multiple bugs and issues, existing in the currently released NX CAE sofware, represent another important consideration. Thus, in some cases I prefer to use the ANSYS WB simulation software.



Re: Basic Information about NX CAE



An overview of NX Simulation capabilities is available at:




For PB:

  1. All commercial software contains some level of "limitations, multiple bugs and issues". Competitive simulation products are not infallable.
  2. NX 8.5 is not the "currently released NX CAE sofware" - it was released 3 years ago. NX 10.0.2 was released a couple of months ago. If critical issues in NX 8.5 were properly reported to GTAC, they are probably addressed in the current release.

Re: Basic Information about NX CAE

Hi @sina,


If you're looking for specific examples of how customers are using NX Simulation, you can check out some of our case studies. 


Here is how Nissan Technical Centre uses NX CAE for example. Full case study. Excerpt: "Nissan Technical Centre Europe analyzes stress and thermal performance and performs motion simulation using NX. Using NX CAE for linear analysis, NTCE engineers particularly focus on strength and stiffness, using the Nastran solver."


More NX Simulation case studies


or Watch video case studies on YouTube


Hope that helps!




Amy Allen 

Product Engineering Software

Siemens PLM Software, Inc. 

Re: Basic Information about NX CAE

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For Sina:


I would like to recommend you 2 books on the NX CAE software. I read both books and it was really useful for me. Multiple examples of typical NX simulations are considered inside.


Engineering Analysis With NX Advanced Simulation, 2014 by P. Goncharov and I. Artamonov, available at


Simulations with NX, 2014 by Reiner Anderl, Peter Binde, available at



For JimB:


NX 8.5 is currently released at the company where I'm working for. Thus I have to use this NX release according to the corporate standards for approximately 3 years in my daily work... Therefore I have expressed my personal experience of 3 years daily usage of this software package.


As for GATC. I gathered a bad experiece dealing with GTAC. To transmit an issue I have spent a lot of time answering numerous requests and reading not really useful GTAC replies.