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Batch solving NX10/TC11

Hi together,

Does somebody can give a proposal, which free tool is good for queing and load balancing batch solving. Or do someone has a working solution for sending/managing Nastran and TMG solves via an NX script to a server for solving them there and getting back the results?

Any proposal and help is welcome.


regards Andreas


Re: Batch solving NX10/TC11

VisQ (from FEMAP install) or Qman (from I-DEAS install) are a very good tool for queuing, except that it won't do load balancing...  Altair has open source'd PBS Pro, source code can be had at github:


Re: Batch solving NX10/TC11

Thanks for the tip, but  in former times I tried to get the Qman work, but it never runs. VisQ we don't have.

And another question is, will it work with desktop licences, if the solver works on another hardware?

I will take a look to get VisQ and the Program from Altair, but perhaps there are some other solutions with a nice button in NX where I can send the job to queing, or just solve local.

Re: Batch solving NX10/TC11

Any remote solution would require an enterprise license.


An input deck generated with a desktop license is bound to run only on the same workstation that the pre processor was running on when the deck was exported.

Re: Batch solving NX10/TC11

Hi Jim,

nice to hear from you. Ok for create the dat file you need an enterprise licence, but than you can solve it with an desktop licence, is this correct? Which solution do you have to manage batch solving?


regards Andreas

Re: Batch solving NX10/TC11

No. It's the other way around. The solution on the remote node must be done with an enterprise license.


If you are solving with an enterprise license, either type (enterprise or desktop) can be used to generate the input deck.


Exporting with an enterprise license: no checksum is written to the input deck

Exporting with desktop license: checksum (bound to current machine) is written to the input deck.


Solving with enterprise: no checksum needed. If it exists, it is not checked/validated.

Solving with desktop: checksum must exist and is validated against current machine.

Re: Batch solving NX10/TC11

In former times too, Qman worked like a charm, both on the intended UNIX platforms, but also on Linux.  I don't see why it would be any different today, apart possibly for a Java version issue (JDK/JRE 1.6 should work).


As Jim mentionned, if you have desktop license, then it is no use anyway, this is the whole point of the differentiation between desktop and enterprise license...