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Bring back the Arrows



A while ago, NX used arrows to symbolize the direction of forces also on polygon edges. Nowadays I only see a line with the label "Force (1)" next to it. That's not nice, especially when the direction of the force is dependent on expressions that change. On Polygone faces it works fine.



Is it possible to get the arrows back?


Similar things apply to the appearance of constraints on edges.



Accepted by topic author JonkMcCool
‎09-09-2015 05:00 AM

Re: Bring back the Arrows



Right click on the load in the navigator and choose "edit display".  Then choose the "expanded" display mode radio button.  This should enable you to display the arrows and also change their display properties.




Re: Bring back the Arrows

If you want to change the behavior for all loads that you create in the future, modify your customer defaults under Simulation, Boundary Conditions.


There are tabs for default load and constraint displays. Constraints are expanded by default and Loads are Collapsed by default.


Note that for edge based BC's, there is an additional Edge Boundary Condition Display Override tab that is set to Offset by default. This means that surface loads (i.e. pressure) or point loads show arrows by default, but edge loads show the offset line. Toggle off the Edge Override or set it to Collapsed/Expanded to get arrows on edge loads by default.