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CAE model has network issues...session is corrupt

Hello expert,

i am doing thermal analysis of a huge model, after meshing the most of my model, when im jumping from idealized part to fem, error message has popped, as "CAE model has network issues...session is corrupt"

i clicked ok, then i tried to stitch the free edges but the message i got...

"corruption encountered in the polygon geometry. unable to proceed with any geometry edits on this model".

due to this i could not maintain the node connectivity on the surface joints, and i cant go back to the scratch and start meshing, as i finished most of it, please help me out ...its urgent.

Thank you.


Re: CAE model has network issues...session is corrupt

Hello Dev,

I dunno know what this the error means since i have not yet encountered it before.

At the point where you have serious problem with your .fem file, you can have the option to use back the existing mesh that you have created earlier, without meshing everything beginning from scratch again.

The way to do it:

1. Save your existing .fem file.
2. Prepare a new idealized, or simply a new part file with the CAD geometry that you wish to use to continue meshing progress.
3. Using the new prt file, create a new fem file.
4. In Advanced Simulation toolbar, select "Append" to import the previous fem entities into your new .fem file. The imported mesh is non geometrical assiciated. Therefore, it is much tedious, but at least you no need start from scatch.
5. Continue to mesh, if you wan to maintain the node connectivity with the previous mesh, use command like mesh control, divide edge, divide face and so on.

Hope this helps.




Re: CAE model has network issues...session is corrupt

Thank you Mr.Tuw, i could able to resolve it, i went on deleting the previous steps that i did, at one point the error has disppeared, i understood the point where error has occured, then from my iriginal model i deleted the only portion that error has occured & repeated it. Luckily everything is fine.

thanks for looking in to my problem.