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Considering friction between two RBE 2 elements

Hello guys,


I need to set up a model just consisting of RBE 2 and BEAM elements to get the reaction and grid point forces in the bearings using Sol 101.


I should also consider the the friction caused by the bearings at the representing nodes.

Has anybody some experience how to consider bearing friction in a simple RBE / BEAM model?


I am thankfull for every hint.






Re: Considering friction between two RBE 2 elements

Hi GStrickner,


I know Gap element can specify friction coefficient in tranverse direction in Sol106. In Sol101 however, Gap element is treated as linear spring element.. not sure whether it helps..



Re: Considering friction between two RBE 2 elements

Hi Tuw,

thank you for your reply. Unfortunately in this case the RBEs are representing a joint in that friction should be considerd.

If somebody needs this in future, here my actual solution for it:

I solved it for now in the way, that I applied a moment at the joint node. Therefore you need to know the resultant reaction force in the joint. Out of this and the friction coefficient I calculated the friction moment. To get more accurate results several iterations would be neccesary to edit the reaction moment.